I was the person growing up who had no idea what I wanted to do in life. All I knew was I wanted a handsome husband who made marriage fun. And maybe throw in some cute kids.

As far as career...I did not have a dream. I went to community college for three years and changed my major each year. I felt so lost. So I dropped out (what up drop outs!?). I ended up working at my parents salon, which I loved. I got my license and have been doing hair ever since. 

Fast forward 4 1/2 years and I have the best husband a girl could ask for (maybe I'm biased but seriously, he is). We have a beautiful 5 year old son who makes my heart swell and a baby girl arriving in August. But there was still something missing. I did not feel like I was living up to my potential. Outside of my home and my job I felt like there was something else I needed to do. 

After some consistent prayer, I've decided to step back into photography with the loving support of my amazing husband. It may seem crazy to do just a few months before the arrival of our baby girl but ya know, sometimes you just gotta jump in no matter what. (You can visit the portfolio page for more information on sessions.)

Along with that I will be blogging about things that are important to me. My family, marriage, parenting, cool products I love, mom struggles and wife struggles. 

So here you get to be a part of this journey. I get to vent, express whats on my mind, share my interests and include a few photos along the way. So stick around or don't. You do you boo. 

Thanks for stopping by!